Firewood sales on the Central Coast


High-Quality Firewood

If you need firewood, Adam’s Complete Tree Care offers firewood for sale. Throughout the colder seasons, a cosy, warm fire is a comfort that’s hard to beat. We offer firewood at a fair price to help you enjoy your fireplace.

Ready to Burn

All our firewood is ready to use. It’s ideal for fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and wood stoves. The wood is already aged and dried out for immediate use. It’s stored away from rain and moisture to prevent mould or fungus growth.

Along with drying the wood, we also split it for you. The firewood ... Read more
Ready to Burn Firewood — Firewood Sales in Central Coast, NSW

Firewood Types

We currently sell two main types of firewood:

  • Ironbark
  • Australian hardwood

These are the most affordable types of firewood available for general use.
Firewood — Firewood Sales in Central Coast, NSW

Delivery or Pick-Up

For firewood sales, you can arrange to pick up the wood or have it delivered right to your location. We are based on the Central Coast, but our delivery area extends to the Sydney North Shore and Newcastle. Deliveries have a minimum order requirement.

Pick-up can be arranged ... Read more
Tree Logs on a Wheelbarrow — Firewood Sales in Central Coast, NSW